Welcome to our world of embroidery.

     The Floriani theory of creating profitable embroidery is combining the simplicity of the past with the technology of the present to achieve maximum productivity for your future. As you know, Floriani has an excellent reputation throughout this country as well as the world. When working with Floriani, you are not only getting six generations of experience and knowledge, but you are getting people who care, and who are willing to sit down and discuss any needs you may have.

     A good embroidery creation is one that not only looks beautiful, but one that runs extremely well. By using our recipe formula of creating embroidery, you will see noticeable increases in your production, hence, profitability. Comeback to the basics and experience the Floriani difference.. I guarantee it!

     Give us a try by visiting our website . We look forward to doing business with your company in the near future, and to a continued successful relationship throughout the years.



Walter A. Floriani Jr.